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game of thrones season 6 episode 10 finale Live Online

Game of Thrones season 6, episode 10: will the Night King ride the Winds of Winter to victory? hat a year for surprises it has been on Game of Thrones.Jon Snow is back from the dead (along with his immortal manbun), Ramsay Bolton has swapped places with him in the afterlife, girly Sansa Stark is blossoming into a mercurial manipulator with ice in her veins.



One bombshell has arguably overshadowed all others, however. We now know the origins of the White Walkers and of their spiky-headed leader. It has, moreover, been confirmed that he is named the Night King – rather than the Night’s King of the George RR Martin novels – and differs in fundamental ways from the character in the books. And, with the final episode of the season bearing the ominous title the Winds of Winter, it is likely this harbinger of frosty doom will have one final part to play before we are done until 2017.


Amid the usual bloodshed, nudity and Tyrion c**k gags, the Walkers have tended to fade into the background, a storm on the distant horizon. But make no mistake – in elevating the Night King from quasi-mythic figure to full-fledged Big Bad, show-runners David Benioff and DB Weiss have taken one of the most significant deviations yet from the source material and positioned the White Walkers at the very heart of the drama.


The Night’s King was a folk tale to scare children in Martin’s original telling. In the new mythology, he is essentially Lord Commander of the White Walkers, a vengeful force planning to visit sub-zero death and destruction upon the Seven Kingdoms. That’s quite an upgrade.

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